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Completed Projects related to Automotive

  • Engine Health Monitoring System for Light Vehicle. (Millat Tractors Limited)
  • Engine Health Monitoring System for HDD. (United Traders + Pak Army))
  • Radiator Leak Detection System. (KorTech Industries)
  • Engine Dyno Control System (Power Vision System)
  • Engine Blow-by Monitoring System for Power Units (Power Vision System)
  • Audi TDI Engine Valve Train Project (BP UK)
  • Slip Roll Ratio Measurement on Low Friction Valve Train (BP UK)
  • Mercedes Benz OM 646, Project. (Lubrizol USA)
  • Design and Development of Pakistan’s First Engine Test Cell. (Millat Tractors Limited)
  • Design and Development of Low cost Electric Vehicle. (Energen)