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Expected Outcome

A successful DICE-Automotive 2018 event will look like as follows:

  • The largest and most pioneering Innovation and Entrepreneurship event in the Automotive
  • Students Innovation Exhibition:
    • Student teams from all universities in Pakistan having Automotive or related programs participate and exhibit their innovative ideas / concepts / products in a highly professionally organized exhibition. Target should be to have a display of:
      • At least 150 Automotive (300 for mega) related innovations, from 35 (100) institutions, with minimum five (ten) institutions from each province
  • A minimum of 15 innovations should be able to catch the attention of industry and entrepreneurs, which can be developed into commercially viable products for both domestic as well as international markets.
  • Industrial Exhibition:
    • At least 50 industry exhibition booths/sponsors should be from Automotive industry and technology companies displaying their innovative products and technologies.
  • Participation:
    • Industry: At least 200 industry attendees/executives from various Automotive sector must attend the event.
  • General: 500 from general public, 5 schools/colleges and 3 regional universities students, 500 students from a host university during opening and closing ceremonies
    • National Innovation Basket (NIB): Each NIB subgroup should contain at least 10 CEOs from each sub-group of NIB industry, 5 academia, and 2 from public sector organizations
    • DICE Shark event: 10-15 CEOs, venture capitalist and businessmen from diverse areas of focus depending upon the areas of submitted projects.
    • Symposium: Several renowned speakers (domestic & international) from academia, industry and govt. participate in symposiums on various Automotive related topics.
  • Chief Guest/highly reputable Guest of Honor from Govt. (such as secretaries from ministry of education, industries, science & technology, etc.), Academia (VCs, Rectors, HEC officials) and Industry (Automotive industry executives) attend the event.
    • Chief Guest/ Highly reputable Guest of Honor for opening and closing
  • Guest of Honors: 50 plus Industry CEO’s
    • VCs/Rectors from at least five institutions
    • Govt officials from relevant public institutions
  • Media:
    • Domestic as well as international media provides coverage for the event and exhibition. Through media coverage, the event/exhibition should be able to create a huge excitement and desire to innovate in the nation.
  • 20 Print media, 10 TV channels including 2 media partners
  • Involvement of local student chapter for social media campaign during pre- and post- event
    • A conference CD/DVD is produced for domestic/international distribution.